Drill Down Into Your Surveys

by Melissa Shipler
You are keeping track of your company’s performance in a timely manner and viewing the data by community throughout Avid Reports. Did you know you can view specific surveys based on the additional information provided from your closings each month? Here’s how you can use this additional information to ‘drill down’ into your surveys:

  1. Log into Avid Reports using your Login ID and password.
  2. Click on “Survey Explorer” by either using the CrossLink or going to Reports Menu – Survey Explorer.
    Drill Down 1
  3. Once in Survey Explorer, check the “Drill Down” box on the left side of the orange-shaded section NOTE: You can only Drill Down by one field at a time within one division at a time.
    Drill Down 2
  4. Enter your Community and Time Period information and Click “Update Report” to run the Drill Down analysis.
  5. Survey Explorer will now display all surveys for the specific field and value you selected.
    Drill Down 3
  6. BONUS: If running a Drill Down for a specific representative, you also will be able to see the individual average for the rep. Use this to discover your individual average for just YOUR applicable surveys.
    Drill Down 4