Are You Making the Most of Your Customers’ Online Touring Experience?

The way people shop for homes has dramatically changed and will continue to change. Consumers want more research, insight and the ability to do that on their desktops, tablets and phones. By housing your Matterport tours on Avid’s GoTour platform, builders and manufacturers can create customized video and integrated features that educate customers beyond the typical brochure or factsheet.
Ready to take touring from pretty pictures to a digital power tool? Here’s how:

  1. Send your Matterport tour link to Avid and we’ll help you review and select the best options for your digital strategy. Matterport 3D/360 tours have a number of technologies to choose from, including dynamic 3D floor plans, views from any angle for a virtual walkthrough, and the ability to watch, post and read customer reviews, video testimonials, and product options.
  1. Once we upload your Matterport to our GoTour platform it’s easy to share, embed and leverage this tool. Whether you’re highlighting the home’s features and amenities or creating customized messaging and platforms, Matterport tours displayed via GoTour will strengthen your digital presence.


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