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Avid Ratings’ deeply-experienced homebuilding professionals assist distributors, dealers, and contractors to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and promote their value to current and potential customers, as well as product suppliers. Measuring and understanding the value you deliver is invaluable in strengthening your business.

More Who

Avid surveys reveal attitudes and performance of everyone who matters.
  • Dealers serviced by distributors
  • Builders & remodelers
  • Specialty contractors
  • Consumers
  • Architects & designers
  • Employees

More What

Beyond just product quality, Avid measures everything that customers value.
  • Brand and product selection
  • Adequate inventory & availability
  • Order accuracy, completeness & timeliness
  • Delivery service
  • Brand reputation
  • Team performance

More How

  • Damage-free products
  • Ease of ordering & service
  • Order and servicer tracking
  • Specification and marketing tools

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Avid Ratings lets you understand everyone and everything that shapes your brand. Explore our AvidCX platform below.