Avid Measures More of What’s Important

For home remodelers, reputation and referrals are everything – that’s why we measure more of what’s most important to homeowners, so you have a clear understanding of the value you bring through the eyes of your customers. You can then compare yourself to competitors, and promote positive reviews to create visibility and leads. If you are interested in learning more about Avid, please contact us below.

AvidCX Platform

  • Unlimited use of survey types
  • Multi-model survey strategy
  • Best in industry benchmarking
  • Customizable surveys to align with your organization
  • Identify problems or concerns in real-time
  • Option to incentivize survey respondents

Measure What Matters

Avid Ratings offers the technology, expertise, and insight remodelers need to measure, analyze, and strengthen the value they bring to their professional and homeowner customers.
  • Sales & Design Experience – Measurement of sales and design teams and their processes.
    Suggested Timing: After firm sale & design
  • Construction Experience – Measurement of the construction team & process.
    Suggested Timing: Rough-in & pre-drywall
  • Remodeler Experience – Measurement of sales, design, construction, homeowner orientation (PDI), materials & workmanship.
    Industry benchmarking
    Suggested Timing: 30-60 days post-completion
  • Year-End Homeowner Experience – Measurement of warranty service team, warranty process, materials & workmanship. Key indicator of long-term customer loyalty.
    Industry benchmarking
    Suggested Timing: 12-13 months post-completion
  • Employee Feedback – Employee satisfaction & culture metrics.
    Suggested Timing: Semi-annual & annual
  • Trade Feedback – Relationship measurement of your trade partners & suppliers.
    Suggested Timing: Semi-annual & annual
  • Prospect & Lost Customer Feedback – Feedback from prospects that did not purchase.
    Suggested Timing: Client’s choice

Marketing Tools

Understanding the landscape reveals improvement opportunities and priorities.
  • Leverage customer testimonials with our Socializer feature which promotes positive survey responses to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Build more online reviews with Review Builder which auto-directs your customers to other sites ie. Google Houzz, and Yelp.
  • Online Web Monitoring that notifies you when your company has been reviewed or mentioned on other sites.
  • Go public with your online reviews on the Avid Verified Public Reports site.

Customer Experience

  • Dedicated client success team for ongoing support and implementation.
  • Generate custom reports and schedule automatic delivery to team members.
  • Ability to save preferences for quick access to future reports.
  • Unlimited access to educational videos that provide platform training, tips, and best practices.
  • Exclusive invitations to industry webinars and thought leadership opportunities.
  • Eligibility for Avid Awards Program.

Unlock The Power of Your Customer Data

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