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Avid Sweepstakes

The Avid Sweepstakes is an incentive program that awards randomly selected survey respondents cash prizes for completing an Avid survey. Individual cash prizes per drawing are $500, $400, $300, $200, and $100. Drawings are conducted at Avid Ratings offices every six months. All respondents to Avid surveys for each six-month period are automatically entered into the drawing unless requested otherwise by clients of Avid who choose not to participate.


AmountCustomer NameBuilderDates
$500Crystal LeonardMeritage Homes - RaleighJuly - December 2022
$400Sachin ShahMeritage Homes - AustinJuly - December 2022
$300Mengyao ZhangLandmark Communities Inc.July - December 2022
$200Enrique Govea - BarraganMeritage Homes - San AntonioJuly - December 2022
$100Aaliyah ScottRausch Coleman Homes - BirminghamJuly - December 2022

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